The SmartMedi system comprises of SmartMedi Prime analyzer and cartridge for an assay. It provides reliable result to who needs quick answer for making critical decision, and helps for cost-effective treatment decision at the Point of Care(POC). 

"Cross-Flow Washing Technology" on the SmartMedi cartridge achieves precise and reproductive data at sensitive level of clinical sample. The test result in the SmartMedi Prime analyzer offers lab quality result with confidence. 

Cross-Flow Washing Technology 

Acute myocardial infarction (AMI)  and Diagnosis

Heart attack (same as acute myocardial infarction, AMI) is medical emergency, 

therefore immediate diagnosis and treatment are needed.

Our solution for AMI

 -  Flexible choice of cardiac markers for cost-effective patient care

 -  Multiplex assay 

 -  Reliable result (for TnI, 7.17% CV at 99th percentile) 

 -  Our proprietary "Cross-Flow Washing Technology" on the cartridge 

    Specification for Assay

 □  Specification for SmartMedi Prime analyzer


    - Dimension (mm) : 289(L)x210(W)x110(H) 

    - Weight : 1.7 kg 

    - Power adapter : 12V DC, 3.4A 

    - Power supply : 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz,   



    - System check cartridge for QC 

    - Memory : 200 patient results + 

                         50 QC results 


    - Up to 3 tests/ hour 


    - 3.47 - inch LCD screen

    - USB port

    - Barcode scanner/printer (optional)

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